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Visit Resources

Learners of all ages are invited to pick up a guide, start a conversation or check out a kit to enhance their visit to the Nasher.

Within the Nasher Sculpture Center galleries, you will find Visitor Experience Facilitators to answer questions and enhance your experience while at the museum.


Nasher App

The Nasher App features interactive tours, maps, historical information, and insights on modern and contemporary art in English and Spanish, as well as verbal descriptions of artworks for the visually impaired. Available for download as a web app on all devices.

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Family Guides

Share the joy of discovering art with your child using our interactive family guides. Each guide encourages children and parents to look carefully at the exhibition, ask questions and use their imagination. For elementary students and families with young children.

Video: Teach Your Grownup to Behave in a Museum
Museum manners for kids and the grownups they love.

Video: Talking about Art with Kids
Learn more about exploring the museum with your child from educator and parent Melissa Gonzales.

Currently on View

Sarah Sze, 2024 (En ingles y español)
See how artist Sarah Sze uses everyday objects, paper, and video to transform spaces. / Vea cómo la artista Sarah Sze utiliza objetos cotidianos, papel y vídeos para transformar espacios.

How to be a Museum Hero (En ingles y español
Learn how you can protect the art at the museum by following the rules and design your own superhero costume./ Aprende cómo puedes proteger el arte en el museo siguiendo las reglas y diseña tu propio disfraz de superhéroe.

What Is Public Art?
Learn how a work of art can become an important part of a community and create a proposal for your own public artwork.

Creating an Exhibition / Creando una exposición (En ingles y español)
What is an exhibition? How does the art get to the museum? What happens when it arrives? Go behind the scenes to learn how museum staff design and install exhibitions. / ¿Qué es una exposición? ¿Cómo llega el arte hasta el museo? ¿Qué ocurre cuando llega? Ve detrás de las escenas para aprender como el personal del museo diseña e instala las exposiciones. 

Past Exhibitions

Groundswell: Women of Land Art, 2023 (En ingles y español
Learn how twelve artist made art with and about land. / Aprenda cómo doce artistas hicieron arte con y sobre la tierra. 

Mark di Suvero: Steel Like Paper,
2023 (En ingles y español)
See how artist Mark di Suvero brings a sense of movement to his drawings and sculptures. /
Ve cómo el artista Mark di Suvero pone una sensación de movimiento en sus dibujos y esculturas.  

Thaddeus Mosley, 2023 (En ingles y español
Meet Thaddeus Mosley, an artist who lets his creativity flow as he carves wood sculptures by hand. Be inspired to write poetry, sketch, and write a letter as you follow this family guide. / Conoce a Thaddeus Mosley, un artista que deja fluir su creatividad mientras talla esculturas de madera a mano. Inspírate a escribir poesía, dibujar y escribir una carta mientras sigues esta guía familiar. 

2023 Nasher Prize Laureate Senga Nengudi, 2023 (En ingles y español
Meet Senga Nengudi, an artist who uses surprising materials to help us think about how we can use our bodies to explore sculpture. / Conoce a Senga Nengudi, una artista que usa materiales sorprendentes para ayudarnos a pensar en cómo podemos usar nuestros cuerpos para explorar la escultura.

Matthew Ronay: The Crack, The Swell, An Earth, An Ode, 2022 (En ingles y español
Matthew Ronay’s sculptures use organic forms with curvy, irregular shapes. Viewers can walk alongside his sculptures and imagine a scene or a story unfolding. /  Las esculturas de Matthew Ronay utilizan formas orgánicas que son curvas e irregulares.  Los espectadores pueden caminar a un lado de sus esculturas e imaginar una escena o una historia que se desarrolla.

Nairy Baghramian: Modèle vivant, 2022 (En ingles y español
Explore how poses, colors and places inspire artist Nairy Baghramian. / Explore how poses, colors and places inspire artist Nairy Baghramian.

Lynda Benglis, 2022 (En ingles y español)
Discover an artist whose artworks sparkle, shine and go with the flow. / Descubre una artista cuyas obras de arte brillan, relucen, y van con la corriente.  

Harry Bertoia: Sculpting Mid-Century Modern Life, 2022 (En ingles y español)
Meet Harry Bertoia, an artist and designer who created furniture, jewelry, musical sculptures and more. / Conoce a Harry Bertoia, un artista y diseñador que creó muebles, joyería, esculturas musicales, y más.

2022 Nasher Prize Laureate Nairy Baghramian, 2022 (En ingles y español)
Learn about an artist who creates sculptures inspired by play and reminds us to appreciate things that are not perfect. / Aprende sobre una artista que crea esculturas inspiradas en el juego y nos recuerda apreciar las cosas que no son perfectas.

Betye Saar: Call and Response, 2021 (Versión en español)
See how artist Betye Saar transforms everyday objects into sculptures that tell a story about her heritage. / 
Mira como la artista Betye Saar transforma objetos cotidianos en esculturas que cuentan una historia sobre sus raíces.

Carol Bove: Collage Sculptures, 2021 (Versión en español)
Learn how artist Carol Bove takes a heavy material and crumples it into forms that are playful and light. / Aprende cómo la artista Carol Bove toma un material pesado y lo arruga para crear formas que son juguetonas y ligeras.

The Guerrilla Girls, 2021 (Versión en español)
Meet a mysterious masked art collective fighting for justice in the art world. 

Nasher Prize Laureate Michael Rakowitz, 2020
Meet an artist who works to bring people together and reclaim lost cultural history. (English / Español)

Barry X Ball: Remaking Sculpture, 2020
See how artist Barry X Ball uses technology to put a new twist on historical artworks.

Elmgreen & Dragset: Sculptures, 2019
Meet an artist duo that explores pairs, power and stories through surprising and symbolic sculptures.

Sheila Hicks: Seize, Weave Space, 2019
Discover how an artist’s adventures around the world influenced her colorful sculptures.

Nasher Prize Laureate Isa Genzken, 2019
See how artist Isa Genzken takes assemblage to new levels in her groundbreaking work.

Sterling Ruby: Sculpture, 2019
Learn about an artist who plays with materials and scale create artworks with a message.

The Nature of Arp, 2018
Investigate the work of artistic pioneer Jean Arp, who drew inspiration from nature and poetry and invented his own rules for sculpture.

A Tradition of Revolution, 2018
Uncover the revolutionary roots of artworks in the Nasher Collection.

First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone, 2018 
Rock your way through an exhibition that explores the very first sculptures ever made.

Nasher Prize Laureate Theaster Gates, 2018
Discover how artist Theaster Gates creates artworks and spaces that honor his community and history.
(en español)

Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony, 2017
Discover how artist Tom Sachs created his own tea garden and ceremony inspired by Japanese culture. 

Roni Horn, 2017
Explore the luminous cast-glass sculptures of artist Roni Horn, who is often inspired by literature. 

Richard Serra: Prints, 2017
Find out how artist Richard Serra creates prints that reflect the weight and process of his sculptures.

Nasher Prize Laureate Pierre Huyghe, 2017
Discover how artist Pierre Huyghe creates artworks that blur the line between reality and imagination.

Kathryn Andrews: Run for President, 2016 
Explore a world of candidates, clowns, costumes and balloons in artist Kathryn Andrews's president-themed exhibition.

Joel Shapiro, 2016
Explore the work of artist Joel Shapiro, who has described his gravity-defying Nasher exhibition as a "dreamscape."

Plegaria Muda / Nasher Prize Laureate Doris Salcedo, 2016
Discover the work of Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo, winner of the inaugural Nasher Prize. (In English and Spanish)

Ann Veronica Janssens, 2016
Learn how color and light can affect the way we see the world around us inspired by the work of artist Ann Veronica Janssens.

Chalet Dallas, 2015
Learn all about artist Piero Golia's interactive chalet space built inside the Nasher.

Sightings: Alex Israel, 2015
Experience the Los Angeles-inspired works of Alex Israel with your family.

Giuseppe Penone: Being the River, Repeating the Forest, 2015
Explore artist Giuseppe Penone's thoughtful use of natural materials such as trees, leaves and stones.

Phyllida Barlow 'tryst', 2015
Discover how artist Phyllida Barlow turns everyday materials into incredible environments.

Melvin Edwards: Five Decades, 2015 
Explore artist Melvin Edwards's history and his unique use of materials and language.

Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio, 2014
Discover the groundbreaking design and unexpected inspirations used by Thomas Heatherwick and his studio.

Sightings: Bettina Pousttchi, 2014
Walk, ride or fly to the Nasher for a family gallery experience with artist Bettina Pousttchi's Drive Thru Museum.

David Bates, 2014
Discover how Dallas-based artist David Bates creates artworks that take the form of portraits, landscapes and still life in this interactive family guide.

Nasher XChange, 2013
Public art offers an opportunity to experience the impact an artist can make on a community or an environment. Nasher XChange is an exhibition of 10 public sculptures by contemporary artists at sites throughout the city of Dallas.

Return to Earth, 2013
Discover more about clay and the artists; Fontana, Melotti, Picasso, Miro, and Noguchi who made the ceramic sculptures in the Return to Earth exhibition.

Ken Price: Sculpture, 2013
Discover the colorful clay sculptures of artist Ken Price through this interactive family guide.


Family Gallery Kits

Discover the Nasher together through bilingual kits that include learning games, art materials and creative prompts designed for children ages 3 – 8. Kits can be checked out free of charge at the Admissions Desk. 

Descubre el Nasher juntos a través de kits bilingües que incluyen juegos de aprendizaje, materiales de arte, e indicaciones creativas diseñadas para niños de 3 - 8 años. Los kits se pueden sacar prestados gratuitamente en el mostrador de entrada (Admissions Desk).


Sensory Inclusive Kits

The Nasher Sculpture Center is a certified Sensory Inclusive™ location in conjunction with KultureCity. Sensory Inclusive Kits are available at the Admissions Desk upon request.

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