Museum Policies


The museum is fully wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available at the front desk. Assistive listening devices and materials for visitors with visual impairments or sensory disorders are available upon request. Please visit the Accessibility page for full information. 

Mobile phones

For the enjoyment of our guests, cell phones need to be switched off in the museum. Mobile phone usage is not allowed in the galleries.


Children must be attended at all times. Playing and running in the galleries including the garden is prohibited. Strollers are allowed in the galleries unless otherwise noted at the museum entrance.


Deliveries need to be taken to the Visitors and Staff Entrance at the northern side of the building along Olive Street. Visitors need to use this entrance and sign in at the security office.

First Aid

If you require first aid during your visit, please inform the nearest security officer.

Food and Drink

No food or drinks shall be brought into the museum. Food and drinks may be purchased and consumed in the Nasher Cafe serving area or other designated areas. Eating, drinking or carrying food/drink items in all gallery areas is strictly prohibited.

Lost and Found

Inquire at the security office beside Nasher Cafe about lost belongings or call 214.242.5130.

Luggage and Backpacks

No luggage, including small carry-on and oversize backpacks, is allowed in the galleries or garden. These items may be checked into the museum’s unsupervised cloak room at the front desk. The museum reserves the right to have a discretionary policy regarding what can and cannot be allowed in the galleries. Questions about the luggage policy can be referred to the security office at 214.242.5130.


Sketching is allowed in the galleries and garden with pencil, graphite, oil pastels and conté crayons. Walkways and artworks may not be blocked while sketching. For groups to sketch in the museum, please call Lynda Wilbur, Manager of Tour Programs, at 214.242.5184.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum or in front of the entrance.


Wet umbrellas should be left in the umbrella stands at the front and back doors. Umbrellas are available for visitors to borrow while walking through the garden.

Group Tour Policies

Adult groups can enjoy a special group rate by booking in advance. You may choose to experience the Nasher Galleries and Garden at your own pace, or request a guided tour.

Self-Guided Visit

  • Available for groups with up to 60 guests. 
  • Must be scheduled two weeks in advance. 
  • Audio tours of the permanent collection are included when available. 
  • Lunch arrangements can be made to accommodate your group.

Guided Tour

  • Available for groups with 10-20 guests.
  • Additional guides are recommended for groups of 20 or more at a cost of $50 per docent. Guides are subject to availability.
  • Tours must be scheduled three weeks in advance.
  • The guide will greet and accompany you on your tour.
  • Lunch arrangements can be made to accommodate your group.

Visit the Tours page for full information. 

School Tour Policies

Teachers are invited to reserve free self-guided visits or guided tours for student groups of 10 or more.

Guided Tour

  • Available Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 and 11 am.
  • Maximum group size is 60 (including chaperones).
  • Must be booked at least three weeks in advance.
  • Free admission with advance reservation.
  • Tours are approximately one hour in length.

Self-guided Visit

  • Available Tuesday through Friday during normal museum hours.
  • Maximum group size is 60 (including chaperones).
  • Must be booked at least three weeks in advance.
  • Free admission with advance reservation.

The following student/chaperone ratios are required for all school tours:

For kindergarten through 8th grade, one adult chaperone is needed for every five students.

For 9th-12th grade, one adult chaperone is needed for every 10 students.

Chaperones must supervise the students at all times.

Groups larger than 60 students and adults will either need to schedule multiple visits, or divide the students into smaller groups that visit at separate times on one day (when time is available).

School tours booked at least three weeks in advance receive free admission.

Docent -guided Tours are not available from June to August. You may arrange a Self-guided Visit during normal business hours.

Tours should not be considered scheduled until a confirmation is received by phone or email.

Please visit the Tours page for full information on scheduling your visit. 

Policies and Guidelines for Private Events

The Nasher Sculpture Center’s Mission is to be an international focal point and catalyst for the study, installation, conservation and appreciation of modern and contemporary sculpture.

Planning an Event

  1. When planning an event with the Nasher Sculpture Center the client will work closely with a Nasher Private Events staff member and the Director of Sales for Wolfgang Puck Catering to ensure that the event takes place smoothly and efficiently.
  2. The Nasher Sculpture Center is often referred to as a cultural oasis in the midst of Dallas’ Arts district and features 10,000 square feet of indoor space filled with luminous light, overlooking our 1.4-acre sculpture garden, filled with groves of trees and sparkling fountains. Our event dedicated space is created to accommodate comfortable seating for a maximum of 180 guests, and cocktail receptions for as many as 1,200 guests. The Center is ideal for corporate meetings and events, cocktail receptions, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, engagements and photography shoots.


  1. Nasher Sculpture Center policy excludes use of the facility for religious, fundraising, political and “under-21” events.

    Use Restrictions – Client and its invitees, guests and agents shall not use any portion of the Center for any political, religious or fundraising purposes, or for the display, advertising or promotion or sale of any merchandise or service during public hours except as expressly permitted by this agreement. If display is permitted after hours then it must be at the direction and placement of the Nasher Sculpture Center in advance.
  2. Client, by signature, understands that Nasher Sculpture Center reserves the right to rotate, install or de-install art objects at its sole discretion. The Nasher Sculpture Center displays only works of art from the Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection or from exhibitions curated by the Nasher Sculpture Center staff. The display of unauthorized art in any area of the Nasher Sculpture Center is strictly prohibited.
  3. Depending on the size of the event, Nasher Sculpture Center may, at its sole discretion, require Client to hire an event organizer approved by the Administrative Director or his representative.
  4. All aspects of Client’s event must meet the express approval of Nasher Sculpture Center’s authorized representative.
  5. Touching the art is not permitted at any time.
  6. Client shall submit, or cause to be submitted, a list of all vendors involved to Nasher Sculpture Center three weeks prior to the event. Clients must notify vendors in writing that the Client, not the Nasher Sculpture Center, is responsible for all trade bills.
  7. Nasher Sculpture Center is not responsible for any items brought onto the premises by Client.
  8. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Nasher Sculpture Center property. Smoking is permitted on the Flora Street terrace.
  9. Animals are not allowed in the Nasher Sculpture Center, except for service dogs.
  10. Admission to a private event is by invitation only. Client must provide Nasher Sculpture Center with an accurate count of event guests prior to and after the event.
  11. Caterer shall provide clean-up services during and following catered events. All areas where food and beverage service is being provided shall be kept by Caterer in a neat, clean, orderly and sanitary condition at all times and be returned to their original condition at the end of event. Caterer shall comply with Nasher Sculpture Center’s closing check lists for all service areas.

Booking and Payment

  1. For any After-Hours event, a Nasher Sculpture Center individual Membership at the $5,000 level (Matisse Circle) or $2,500 (Brancusi Circle), or corporate Membership at the $5,000 level (Bronze Circle) or $3,000 (Marble Circle), is required. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable unless a Force Majeure event takes place. Neither party shall be liable for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, without limitation, acts of God, government restrictions, wars or insurrections. Client will make every effort to rebook the event or a similar event. If client is not able to rebook this event, facility membership will be refunded.
  2. Once a Nasher Sculpture Center Membership is in place for all after-hours events, the client is eligible to rent the center. Rental fees are based on a four-hour rental period. Event arrival and departure times, as stated in the facility rental contract, are fixed, and not subject to negotiation on the day of the event. Rental fees include: admissions for your guests, tables, chairs and tableware (for up to 180 guests), basic room set-up and take-down, standard Nasher Sculpture Center security during the event, general housekeeping for the event space and a Nasher Sculpture Center private events associate on site for your event. Rental fees do not include: any food or beverages, service charges, tax, labor charges, coat check, use of certain audiovisual equipment, or staff, parking, outdoor tents, décor, linens or additional maintenance and security charges.
  3. The Nasher Sculpture Center will enter into a facility use agreement only with the actual sponsor of the event (not an event or meeting planner, or location agent).
  4. Bookings are the exclusive responsibility of Nasher Sculpture Center. Reservation confirmation requires a 50% deposit, with the balance payable in full 30 days before the event.
  5. Payment must be made separately to Nasher Sculpture Center by check or credit card. Cancellations for any reason will not result in reimbursement of deposit or full payment. Nasher Sculpture Center will make a reasonable effort to accommodate Client in rebooking if necessary.

Event Plan and Decoration

  1. Nasher Sculpture Center does not allow any open flames such as candles. The use of candles is prohibited in both outdoor and indoor spaces. The Nasher Sculpture Center does allow LED candles. Also prohibited are pyrotechnics (i.e., sparklers, flares, floating balloons or lighter-than-air balloons which will activate the fire alarm system).
  2. The safety of the artwork is our paramount concern. Nothing may be placed in such a way as to endanger any work of art. Client and its guests and vendors may not damage the Center or any work of art.
  3. Nothing may be affixed to the walls indoors or out.
  4. Per Dallas Fire Department regulations, all hallways and exits shall be kept clear and usable at all times.
  5. Please notify all parties that rice, confetti, bird seed, etc., are not permitted inside or outside the Nasher Sculpture Center. Rose petals are allowed.
  6. The Nasher Sculpture Center does not provide storage facilities to Clients.
  7. Due to strict conditions affecting the environment of the art objects and to protect the art collections and exhibitions, Nasher Sculpture Center may restrict the use of certain props, decorations including floral arrangements, spot or special effects lighting, heat lamps, audio/visual and sound equipment, displays, banners, ice sculptures, etc.
  8. No later than one week prior to the event, Client must submit a floor plan to Nasher Sculpture Center indicating decorations and any floral arrangements, location of musicians, bar locations, service tables, and/or other equipment.
  9. All signage must be contained in non-public areas during hours, 11 am – 5 pm. The one exception is an unobtrusive, Center-approved Nasher Sculpture Center sign holder with directional signage.

Food and Beverages

  1. Wolfgang Puck Catering is Nasher Sculpture Center’s exclusive caterer.
  2. Neither Client nor Client’s guests may bring any food or beverage into Nasher Sculpture Center.
  3. No food or beverage will be allowed in the two upstairs galleries or the lower level gallery.
  4. Refreshment set-ups and/or all other equipment must be laid out according to Nasher Sculpture Center guidelines.


  1. Nasher Sculpture Center does not have a parking facility. However, numerous surface lots and garages are available in the immediate area.
    View Dallas Arts District parking
  2. Valet parking arrangements can be made independently by Client.


No flash photography is allowed in the galleries.

Auditorium Restrictions

  1. The acoustic blinds cannot be lowered for any event that includes food or beverages.
  2. During public hours, event set-up may not interfere with normal Nasher Sculpture Center operation.

Galleries and Tours

  1. Galleries can be rented in combination with the rental of other space(s) for use as a gallery only.
  2. Consider arranging a privately guided tour of the galleries for your guests, led by a trained Nasher Sculpture Center docent based on availability for $50. Your private events staff member will help coordinate your needs. One docent per 15-20 guests is required.


  1. The Nasher Sculpture Center Store offers a wide variety of items that will provide your guests with unique reminders of your Nasher Sculpture Center experience. Your private events staff member will assist you with your needs.

Setup and Departure

  1. Client is responsible for ensuring that all vendors comply with the Agreement and these Policies and Guidelines.
  2. Event setup may begin no earlier than 3 hours before the event. Only an authorized Nasher Sculpture Center representative may make an exception to this policy.
  3. Vendors must pick up all equipment by 10:30 am the morning after event.

Photography & Filming Policies


Commercial and personal photography and filming that involves a costume, formal wear, outfit changes, or use of anything larger than hand-held equipment is considered a photoshoot and must have an appointment through Private Events.

Photography and filming for advertising or other commercial purposes is permitted with reservation and based on availability at the Nasher Sculpture Center (NSC) under the following conditions:

Portrait Photography

$300 minimum per half-day*

Commercial Photography

$500 minimum per half-day*


$1,500 minimum per half-day* ($3,000 for over 4 hours)

*Facilities are rented in half-day (4-hour) increments. Fees may be increased depending on the scope of the project or for additional staffing costs that are deemed necessary by Nasher. No sculptures, paintings or other artworks may be brought onto the museum property for the purposes of filming and photography.

Photo Inquiry Form

Content Creation

No social media influencer is permitted to photograph, film or otherwise create content at the Nasher Sculpture Center without express permission from the Nasher social media staff. Photography and filming by influencers is permitted at no cost, with a reservation and a signed agreement from our Social Media Manager.

For further information, please email [email protected] to review terms of agreement and to schedule your visit.


  • The use of drones for photography or filming is not permitted without a written permission agreement from Nasher staff.
  • We do not allow the use of selfie sticks.

Digital Community Guidelines

The Nasher Sculpture Center strives to create an environment that fosters the study, installation, conservation and appreciation of modern and contemporary sculpture. We welcome engagement and constructive dialogue from a wide range of voices, and every Nasher community member has the right to participate in respectful discussions on our digital channels including our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.  
The Nasher Sculpture Center adheres to the following guidelines described below on all digital channels. Comments are monitored and we reserve the right to remove any content posted that does not adhere to guidelines, and block or report users who share such content.   
  • Harassment, bullying, profanity, threatening language, attacks on or intimidation of any party, including our online community members or Nasher staff; malicious speech regarding topics of gender, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, age, ethnic origin or race; sexist comments; hate speech; suggestion or encouragement of illegal activities; and demeaning remarks about personal appearance or ability 
  • Spam or fraudulent links 
  • Repetitive posts copied and pasted or duplicated by single or multiple users 
  • Advertisements, solicitations, and commercial postings 
  • Posting personal information of other community members or Nasher staff including but not limited to: phone number, email address, physical mailing address, and billing information 
  • Private correspondence between user and other community members, or user and the Nasher 
  • Impersonation of a Nasher staff member, creator, or community member 
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