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Find lessons and resources related to exhibitions and artworks currently on view at the Nasher. 

Families walk near a sculpture by Anish Kapoor

Recursos en Español

Explora proyectos interactivos, lecciones y videos diseñados especialmente para conectar a los estudiantes con ideas en arte moderno y contemporáneo.

Substitute Teaching Lessons

Find prepared lessons for elementary and secondary learners that connect with classroom curriculum.


Read, Write, Create

These classroom resource are designed to connect intermediate and secondary students with primary source texts that offer opportunities for critical thinking and interdisciplinary connections with works in the Nasher collection. Resources include interactive components and TEKS alignment.

Materials and Process

Learn how artists create art through process videos, printable guides and a materials-focused slideshow. This resource features work in plaster, bronze and steel.

Careers in the Arts

These resources are designed to introduce high school students to a number of different arts career paths through interviews with people who work in various fields, practical advice about pursuing a career in the arts and information about the valuable skills that are promoted by an arts-based education.

Short Lessons & Projects

Resources focused on a single artwork for use in the classroom or at home. 

Create Along

Explore a treasure trove of artist-designed projects and experiences that you can enjoy at home, including videos, coloring pages and activities. / Explora un tesoro oculto de proyectos y experiencias diseñados por artistas que puedes disfrutar en casa, incluidos videos, páginas para colorear, y actividades.

Art Games & Coloring Pages

Add your own flair to great works of art and connect with big ideas through play.


Self-Guided Visit Resources

Use our self-guided materials to enhance student learning during your visit. For elementary and secondary students.

These educational materials are designed to connect students, families and lifelong learners with major ideas and opportunities in modern and contemporary art.

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