Spring 2020 Edition

Meet an artist who creates "ghosts" of lost artworks, find out how digital scanning can give new life to historical sculptures and learn about a museum conservator's tools of the trade. 

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Fall 2019 Edition

Dig in to the surprising work of artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset, bust out your conversation skills with an examination of portraits, and learn what it takes to be a graphic designer. 

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Spring 2019 Edition

Explore the rule-breaking work of Nasher Prize Laureate Isa Genzken, discover how artist Sterling Ruby plays with scale and see how today's students imagine the future of sculpture.

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Fall 2018 Edition

Explore the innovative work of artist Jean Arp, read advice for students interested in game design, learn what makes a good collection and enjoy a visual essay about the life of a college art student.

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Spring 2018 Edition

Discover the work of artist Theaster Gates, learn about the world's first sculptures and hear what advice a working artist has for students who are considering the field.

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Fall 2017 Edition

Learn how artist Tom Sachs uses bricolage, find out how artworks travel around the world and learn how artists break the rules when sculpting paper.

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