Nasher Public

October 15, 2020 - December 31, 2024

Nasher Public is a public art initiative which aims to generate access to public art by Texas artists at the Nasher and throughout the greater Dallas community.

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Plasters and Bronzes by Jean (Hans) Arp

January 10, 2024 - April 21, 2024

A recent gift of 21 plaster sculptures and 3 bronzes by Jean (Hans) Arp (French, born Germany, 1886–1966) makes their debut at the Nasher, alongside Arp’s Torso with Buds, the founding work of Raymond and Patsy Nasher’s collection of modern and contemporary sculpture. Together, they offer an overview of Arp’s significant contributions to 20th-century art, particularly in his development of an influential vocabulary of organic, swelling forms suggestive of natural processes.

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plaster sculpture on top of a pedestal

Sarah Sze

February 3, 2024 - August 18, 2024

For her solo exhibition at Nasher Sculpture Center, artist Sarah Sze invites viewers into a collection of new, site-specific works across three intrepid gallery spaces. Always attuned to the built environment, Sze’s new installations will integrate painting, sculpture, images, sound, and video with the surrounding architecture to create intimate systems that reference the rapidly changing world. This extraordinary new exhibition will blur the boundaries between making and showing, process and product, digital and material ultimately to question how objects acquire their meaning.  

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