The Nasher is committed to preserving the Collection and Garden.

Art Conservation

Art conservation is concerned with the preservation of artworks, encompassing both preventative measures and interventive treatments.

The Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection is one of the most significant collections of modern and contemporary sculpture in the world. The materials represented in the collection include bronze, steel, stone, concrete, resin, wax and acrylic sheet. There is also a vast range of scales – from monumental outdoor sculptures to smaller works indoors – requiring an array of treatments and maintenance programs.

With a significant portion of the collection outdoors, the conservation department handles issues common to sculpture gardens and parks. Due to Dallas’ quickly changing and diverse climate, including extreme summertime heat and winter ice storms, the preservation of the collection’s outdoor works requires a diligent maintenance program.

Art conservation and a commitment to multidisciplinary scholarship of modern and contemporary sculpture are key components of the Nasher Sculpture Center’s overall mission. An exciting and integral part of art preservation at the Nasher is maintaining a dialogue with living artists, art fabricators and artist foundations. These primary resources help preserve the artist’s intent and aesthetic and inform the development of treatments.

For more information about conservation and preservation, please follow these links:

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