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October 15, 2020 - December 31, 2022 10/15/2020 12:00 AM 12/31/2022 12:00 AM

Nasher Public is a public art initiative which aims to generate access to public art by North Texas artists at the Nasher and throughout the greater Dallas community.

Nasher Public offers artists occasions to exhibit their work at a time when such opportunities in traditional spaces—museums and art galleries—remain limited, while allowing the public to experience works of art in person when visitation to museums and art spaces is restricted. The project will commence at the Nasher in a newly formed gallery, presenting monthly exhibitions over the next year, followed by an ongoing series of off-site exhibitions in partnership with area businesses. 

Currently On View

Nasher Public: Christian Cruz

at Nasher Sculpture Center

For her Nasher Public installation, Christian Cruz returns to two works from her 2020 solo exhibition at the Dallas-based gallery, ex ovo, and expands them in scale and concept. Comprising a suspended cloth sculpture and a column of stacked plastic laundry baskets, Cruz’s Nasher Public installation, titled Pink Collar // Children’s Linen, focuses on the unseen and undervalued labor performed by domestic workers... Learn More

Nasher Public: Alicia Eggert

at 2000 Ross Avenue

For her Nasher Public commission at 2001 Ross Avenue, Alicia Eggert has made The Time for Becoming. A steel structure with red neon lettering, the work of art shifts between messages. “NOW IS ONLY FOR THE TIME BEING” changes to “NOW IS ALWAYS THE TIME FOR BECOMING.” The work continues Eggert’s philosophical exploration of language and time. Using the language of commercial signage such as neon, steel, plastic, inflatables, and flowers, Eggert poses existential conundrums. Learn More

Nasher Public: Sara Cardona

at Katy Trail

For her Nasher Public commission on the Katy Trail, Sara Cardona considered the essence and history of the Trail as a site of transit, transport, and transition. Entitled Seeding the Path, the five sculptures suspended from the trees over the Katy Trail between Cambrick Street and Fitzhugh Avenue feature vibrant colors and dynamic geometric patterns, the latter recalling seed pots from the ancient Mimbres and contemporary Acoma cultures native to the Southwest, ceramic vessels which were used to secure and transport seeds and represent the potential for renewal. The forms also... Learn More

Nasher Public: Oshay Green

at The Power Station, 3816 Commerce Street

For Nasher Public, Oshay Green has made his largest sculpture to date. The work continues his use of a three-dimensional lozenge or rounded octahedron form and takes its title, Mundane Egg, from a chapter in The Secret Doctrine, a 19th-century theosophical text by Helena Blavatsky. In Blavatsky’s book, the mundane egg serves as a metaphor... Learn More

Nasher Public: Lauren Cross

at For Oak Cliff, 907 E. Ledbetter Drive

For her Nasher Public installation at For Oak Cliff, A Moment of Silence / Let Freedom Ring, Lauren Cross takes as inspiration the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Galveston, Texas, June 19, 1865, two and half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.... Learn More

Nasher Public: Artstillery

at Lone Star Missionary Baptist Church, 323 West Main Street

Artstillery, an experimental performance group based in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff, has been working for five years with the residents of West Main Street, a tiny neighborhood with a long history in West Dallas, documenting their stories and working to save important structures that are quickly disappearing due to rapid gentrification in the area. The project, called Family Dollar (2016–2021), is... Learn More


The project is steered by the Nasher curatorial team of Chief Curator Jed Morse, Curator Catherine Craft, and Associate Curator Leigh Arnold, with especial support from project advisors artist Annette Lawrence and Founder of the Power Station, Alden Pinnell.  

Nasher Sculpture Center
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