Nasher Windows

July 3, 2020 - July 15, 2020

Nasher Windows is a new series of exhibitions sited within the Nasher’s entrance vestibule on Flora Street. The installations are viewable through the windows from the outside of the Renzo Piano-designed museum and provide exhibition space for North Texas-based artists, while offering the public an accessible way to view art while the building is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented weekly until the museum resumes operating hours, Nasher Windows installations run Friday-Wednesday and host a roster of early- and mid-career North Texas-based artists.

Subsequent artists for Nasher Windows will be announced via media alert and on the Nasher Sculpture Center’s social media channels in the coming weeks. Supplemental content can be found on the Nasher App, available for download on iOS devices, and as a web app.

Nasher Windows is made possible by generous support from John W. Dayton, given in memory of Donald Fowler.

On View This Week

This week’s Nasher Windows installation features the work of Kristen Cochran and runs July 3 – July 15, 2020.

Kristen Cochran’s fare well addresses loss and the passage of time by adopting the material language of storefronts and shop façades that use neon signage. The frame of the Nasher’s vestibule windows acts as a surface for a glowing, imagined farewell. At the same time, the division of the word into its component parts—“fare” and “well”—urges viewers to ‘fare well’ in the present moment and its numerous challenging circumstances.

The artist describes fare well as “a harbinger and herald: it’s a final autographic a-Dios coupled with an admonishment to passersby, [to] fare well in the face of loss, liminality and change.” Cochran’s installation offers a nuanced consideration of moments of transition, departure, and benediction by drawing upon recent events, especially the passing of the Nasher Store’s beloved Director of Retail Donald Fowler on May 3. Cochran has based the script of her sign on Fowler’s handwriting, personalizing the neon sculpture as if, as she put it, “his final act of generosity and kindness was to ‘tag’ the [Nasher’s] façade with a grand and impish goodbye.”

About Kristen Cochran
Kristen Cochran is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Dallas. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she moved to Dallas in 2010 to complete her M.F.A. at Southern Methodist University. She has exhibited her work locally, nationally, and internationally and has been awarded residencies in Long Island City, NY; Mittersill, Austria; Banner, Wyoming; and The Center for Arts and Medicine at Baylor Hospital’s Sammons Center for Cancer Research, Dallas. Cochran has taught extensively at universities and museums in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including The University of Texas at Dallas; The Nasher Sculpture Center; and The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Recent exhibitions include chroma soma at Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas; Fold In at Lawndale Arts Center, Houston; GOALS at the Stein Galleries, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio; and Material Intension at ex ovo projects, Dallas. She will participate in the exhibition After Carolee: Tender & Fierce at Artpace, San Antonio and The NARS Foundation International Artist Residency in Brooklyn later this year.

Cochran’s recent work explores the pleasures, absurdities and banalities of daily labor (be it physical, mental or spiritual) and its symbolic implications. Her transdisciplinary work encompasses, and often shifts among, sculpture, drawing, video, and installation and is often comprised of quotidian materials such as bread, clay, clothing, shirt pockets, neon signage, and copper plumbing—materials used as they relate to the gestures, needs, and aspirations of human beings at work.

Nasher Sculpture Center
2001 Flora Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
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