Self-Guided Visit Resources

Use our self-guided materials to enhance student learning during your visit. For elementary and secondary students.

Nasher App

The Nasher App features interactive tours, maps, historical information and insights on modern and contemporary art. Available for download on iOS devices, and as a web app.

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Self-Guided Visit Cards

The cards were developed with guidance from our Teacher Advisory Board to be used while visiting the museum. We recommend printing the document double-sided, then cutting the pages into quarters. On each card, you will find information about a work of art in the museum’s collection and possible activities, which can be completed either in our galleries or in your classroom.

For elementary groups, we recommend that chaperones and teachers read the cards aloud and then discuss the art with their students.

For secondary groups, you may choose to distribute the cards to students so that they can discover more information about the artworks on their own.

For your convenience or for students studying a second language, the cards are also available in Spanish.

Remember, the museum changes often. Not all of the works on the cards will be on view when you visit.

Download English

Download Spanish


Self-Guided Visit Worksheets

Developed with input from the Nasher Teacher Advisory Board, these worksheets are available for teachers who would like additional student exercises for self-guided visits. For use with upper elementary and secondary students.


This map activity invites students to trace the path they choose to take through the Nasher Garden.

Scavenger Hunt:

Students can use their detective skills to find four works in the Nasher Garden.

Sketching Activity:

This worksheet prompts students to complete a sketch of Barbara Hepworth’s Squares with Two Circles (Monolith).

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