Nasher Prize Jury

An international jury of renowned museum directors, curators, artists and art historians who have an expertise in the field, and varying perspectives on the subject, select the Nasher Prize Laureates.

2025 Jury

The 2025 Nasher Prize jury members. 

2023 Jury

The 2023 Nasher Prize jury members. 

eight jury members of the 2023 nasher prize

2022 Jury

The sixth annual Nasher Prize jury members 

nine headshots of jury members for the 2022 nasher prize

2020 Jury

The fifth annual Nasher Prize jury members. 

Nasher Prize Jurors

2019 Jury

The fourth annual Nasher Prize jury members. 

Nasher Prize Jurors

2018 Jury

The third annual Nasher Prize jury members. 

2017 Jury

The second annual Nasher Prize jury members.

From left to right: Yuko Hasegawa, Pablo León de la Barra, Jeremy Srick, Nicholas Serota, Lynne Cooke, Steven Nash, Huma Bhabha, Alex Potts, Phyllida Barlow, and Jed Morse

2016 Jury

The inaugural Nasher Prize jury members. 

From left to right: Lynne Cooke, Jed Morse, Jeremy Strick, Steven Nash, Phyllida Barlow, Alex Potts, Yuko Hasegawa, Okwui Enwezor, Nicholas Serota.
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