GROW at the Nasher

This dynamic multi-visit education program serves dual-language students from Rosemont Elementary, using the immersive museum setting as a forum for students to explore and learn about art while developing their emerging language skills.

Launched in 2013, GROW at the Nasher is a multi-visit program for elementary school students This program, designed for dual-language students from Dallas Independent School District, capitalizes on the museum setting for students to engage with artworks while developing language skills.

In collaboration with teachers and administrators at Rosemont Elementary in the diverse Oak Cliff neighborhood, GROW brings a new group of second-grade students to the Nasher each year, with visits continuing over the course of 4 years. Students will graduate from the program with an enhanced understanding of art, advanced self-expression skills and improved language and vocabulary proficiency. The Nasher also hosts a Family Day for Rosemont each year, where students, parents and educators can visit the museum and learn about the program.

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Rosemont Elementary School, Dallas ISD


Nasher Education programming is made possible through leading support from the Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee and, in part, by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the generosity of our Members and donors.