360 Speaker Series: Lawrence Weschler

November 19, 2011 11/19/2011 12:00 AM 11/19/2011 12:00 AM
Exploring his concept of ‘convergences’ Lawrence Weschler narrates an evolving journey through the visual aspects of our culture. 
For the past decade, in the National Book Critics Circle Award winning Everything that Rises: A Book of Convergences, and in the ongoing contest that book spawned on the Mcsweeneys.net website, Lawrence Weschler has been exploring the way images (but also poems, musical themes, etc.) set a context for the reception of subsequent instances. In this talk, Weschler considers a spectrum of such convergent effects, from apophenia (the tendency of humans to see patterns where none exist) through co-causation, fractalization, influence (forward and backward, direct and unconscious), homage, apprenticeship, allusion, quotation, appropriation, cryptonesia (verbatim appropriation without realizing you’re doing so), through outright plagiarism.

Nasher Sculpture Center
2001 Flora Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
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