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Enjoy activites and lessons connected to the Nasher from wherever you are.

Inspiration Deck 

Forty at-home activities to spark your family’s creativity. Create a recipe together, go on a nature walk, design a game and more. This resource can be printed and cut into cards to draw on when you need a creative boost.  
Designed for families with elementary school-aged children. 
Download (PDF)

Coloring Pages 

Add your own flair to great works of art with downloadable coloring pages. 

Celebrate Women's History
Connect the Dots: Michael Rakowitz  
Color Through the Rainbow 
Color the Nasher Collection Version 1 
Color the Nasher Collection Version 2   
Nasher Garden Flora Adult Coloring Page

Activities and Lessons 

Design Your Own Exhibition 
Learn about what a museum curator does, then print out a template to create your own exhibition in the Nasher Sculpture Center Galleries. 
Designed for upper-elementary, intermediate and secondary students. 
Download (PDF)

What Is Conceptual Art? 
Learn about the work of artist Sol LeWitt, then create your own set of instructions for a conceptual artwork to be completed by a friend or family member. 
Designed for intermediate and secondary students. 
Download (PDF)

Primary Source Resources 
These resource are designed to connect intermediate and secondary students with primary source texts that offer opportunities for critical thinking and interdisciplinary connections with works in the Nasher collection. Resources include interactive components and TEKS alignment. 
Designed for intermediate and secondary students. 
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Mini Projects

Learn about great modern sculptures and try out a project that builds on the artists’ ideas and processes.  
Designed for learners of all ages. 

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