Primary Source Teaching Resources

These classroom resource are designed to connect Art 1 level students with primary source texts that offer opportunities for critical thinking and interdisciplinary connections with works in the Nasher collection. Resources include interactive components and TEKS alignment.

The Nasher Collection

Examine the purpose and nature of collecting through the lens of the Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection. Students are invited to discuss their own experiences with collecting and to propose an exhibition for the Nasher Garden.  

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Magdalena Abakanowicz, Bronze Crowd

Consider the impact of World War II through a firsthand account by artist Magdalena Abakanowicz. Students are asked to use sculpture as a framework for understanding the behavior of people swayed by the influence of a crowd.

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Jean Arp, Torso with Buds

Students are invited to explore themes of abstraction and collaboratively create Surrealist "automatic drawings" in the style of Jean Arp.

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Ana Mendieta

Rooted in nature and the body, artist Ana Mendieta's art paved the way for artists of subsequent generations to create works involving identity politics, feminism and performance.

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Manuel Neri

Manuel Neri's figurative sculptures combine a keen interest in body language and "funk" to address universal experience and emotion.

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Joel Shapiro

Artist Joel Shapiro's inventive use of space offers students new perspectives on constructing sculptures with compelling compositions.

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Richard Serra, My Curves Are Not Mad

Students are asked to consider how verbs can suggest unique approaches to working with materials, as in the work of artist Richard Serra.


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