Exhibition Teaching Guides

Designed for educators, these guides offer insights on exhibitions and teaching strategies for use in the classroom or at the museum. 

Past Exhibitions


Sterling Ruby: Sculpture Teaching Resource

Learn more about Sterling Ruby’s sculptural practice, materials and influences. This resource is recommended for intermediate and secondary students.

Download Sterling Ruby: Sculpture Teaching Resource (PDF)


The Nature of Arp Teaching Resource


Discover how groundbreaking and influential artist Jean Arp was influenced by nature, poetry and World War I. This resource is recommended for intermediate and secondary students.

Download The Nature of Arp Teaching Resource (PDF)

First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone Teaching Resource (2018)

Investigate the origins of creativity in the human mind through an exhibition that presents prehistoric handaxes and figure stones as evidence of the earliest forms of artistic intention among our ancient ancestors.

Download First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone Teaching Resource (PDF)

Theaster Gates Teaching Resource (2018)

2018 Nasher Prize Laureate Theaster Gates's artistic practice incorporates sculpture, ceramics, painting, music, performance, architecture, urban planning and community engagement. This resource is recommended for intermediate and secondary students. 

Download Theaster Gates Teaching Resource (PDF)

Paper into Sculpture Teaching Resource (2017)

Discover how five artists have taken distinct approaches to paper as a sculptural medium. Recommended for middle and high school students. 

Download Paper into Sculpture Teaching Resource (PDF)

Tom Sachs Teaching Resource (2017)

Prepare to visit artist Tom Sachs' handmade environment where high culture and tradition transform into personal ritual. Recommended for middle and high school students.


Download Tom Sachs Teaching Resource (PDF)

Roni Horn Teaching Resource (2017)

Connect middle and high school students with the work of artist Roni Horn, whose massive cast glass sculptures combine a fascination with light and landscape with the artist's deep appreciation for literature and language. 

Download Roni Horn Teaching Resource (PDF)

Richard Serra Teaching Resource (2017)

Best known as a sculptor, artist Richard Serra's weighty and textural works on paper push the boundaries of traditional printmaking. Recommended for middle and high school students.

Download Richard Serra Teaching Resource (PDF)

Pierre Huyghe Teaching Resource (2017)

2017 Nasher Prize Laureate Pierre Huyghe creates works that expand the boundaries of traditional sculpture, incorporating materials as diverse as fog, ice, computer programs and living creatures. This resource is recommended for Middle and High School levels.

Download Pierre Huyghe Teaching Resource (PDF)

Michael Dean Teaching Resource (2016)

Connect high school students with the multi-layered work of artist Michael Dean, whose Nasher exhibition explores connections between sculpture and language.

Download Michael Dean Teaching Resource (PDF)

Kathryn Andrews Teaching Resource (2016)

Artist Kathryn Andrews weaves together politics, pop culture and history in a thought-provoking exhibition organized around the U.S. Presidency. This guide is designed for middle and high school students and includes a glossary of cultural references used in the exhibition.

Download Kathryn Andrews Teaching Resource (PDF)

Joel Shapiro Teaching Resource (2016)

Expose Art 1 level students to the work of artist Joel Shapiro through a TEKS-aligned resource that includes primary source text and classroom activities.

Download Joel Shapiro Primary Source Teaching Resource (PDF)

Mai-Thu Perret Teaching Resource (2016)

Discover the work of an artist who combines sculpture, painting and performance. Recommended for Middle and High School levels.

Download Mai-Thu Perret Teaching Resource (PDF)

Ann Veronica Janssens Teaching Resource (2016)

Explore ideas of perception, reflection and refraction while viewing the optically-charged work of artist Ann Veronica Janssens.

Download Ann Veronica Janssens Teaching Resource (PDF)

Doris Salcedo Teaching Resource (2016)

Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, the 2016 Nasher Prize Laureate, honors the lives of victims of violence through powerful works of sculpture. Recommended for Middle and High School levels.

Download Doris Salcedo Teaching Resource (PDF / English)

Download Doris Salcedo: Información para Enseñanza Educativa (PDF / Español)

Giuseppe Penone Teaching Resource (2015)

Recommended for upper-elementary and secondary student groups, this one page resource offers featured artworks and discussion questions for the exhibition Giuseppe Penone: Being the River, Repeating the Forest.

Download Giuseppe Penone Teaching Resource (PDF)

Phyllida Barlow Teaching Resource (2015)

Recommended for upper-elementary and secondary student groups, this one page resource presents big ideas and activity prompts related to the exhibition Phyllida Barlow tryst.

Download Phyllida Barlow Teaching Resource (PDF)

Melvin Edwards Teaching Resource (2015)

Recommended for secondary-level teachers, this one-page resource offers major themes and questions for students viewing the exhibition Melvin Edwards: Five Decades.

Download  Melvin Edwards Teaching Resource (PDF)

Download  Printable exhibition poster (PDF)


Thomas Heatherwick Teaching Resource: Design & Innovation (2014)

Developed in conjunction with the exhibition Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio, this guide offers both classroom- and gallery-based teaching strategies for learners of all age

Download Thomas Heatherwick Teaching Resource (PDF)

Download Thomas Heatherwick Slideshow (PPT)

Download Printable exhibition poster (PDF)

Watch Video interview with designer Neil Hubbard of Heatherwick Studio 

Nasher XChange Teaching Resource (2013)

To commence a yearlong 10-year anniversary, the Nasher Sculpture Center presents Nasher XChange,  a dynamic art exhibition consisting of 10 newly-commissioned public sculptures by contemporary artists at sites throughout the city of Dallas. Covering a diverse range of sites and approaches to sculpture, this exhibition represents the first citywide, museum-organized public art exhibition in the United States. Educators are encouraged to share this landmark exhibition with students of all ages.

Engaging with public art offers students the unique opportunity to experience the impact an artist can make on a community or an environment. The ten works in Nasher XChange offer a jumping-off point for a larger dialogue about the role of art in the places we visit every day. This Teaching Guide can be used as a tool for engagement.

Download Nasher XChange Teaching Resource (PDF)

Download Nasher XChange Slideshow (PPT)

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