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How do artists think about sculpture when it may not be feasible, or even desirable, to execute three-dimensional objects in lasting materials? Scrims have been installed in this gallery to block light, making possible the presentation of a greater range of objects.

About Track 7: Live in Your Head

Live in Your Head is the title of a 1969 exhibition, curated by Harald Szeemann for the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland. Better known by its subtitle, When Attitudes Become Form, this group show offered a landmark presentation of radical new developments in contemporary art.

These works address some of the ways that artists live in their heads: how they think about sculpture when it may not be feasible, or even desirable, to execute three-dimensional objects in lasting materials. Artists may choose to work in unconventional materials and formats for a variety of reasons. Centuries-old ways of making sculpture, such as carving in stone or casting in bronze, may have associations with traditions that an artist rejects for creative, intellectual, or political reasons. Additionally, such methods may be prohibitively expensive, and some artists—particularly artists of color and women artists—may historically have had difficulty gaining access to conventional means of studying and creating sculpture. Yet in one case after another, artists have found dynamic, resourceful, and potent ways of dealing with these challenges, rendering the field of sculpture one of the most expansive and vibrant areas of art today.

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