Xxavier Edward Carter


Dallas-based artist Xxavier Edward Carter is one of the artists invited to participate in Nasher Windows, a series of exhibitions on view in the entrance windows of the museum while it is closed. Carter’s work culls from “personal interactions, media bombardment, observed and lived experiences, and material excess/waste influence” pointing towards “a complex revolutionary promise.” He sends along this Shelf Life list that recommends an array of cultural material for a world in need of an array of healing.

Alchemist and Freddie Gibbs – Alfredo (Album) This most recent addition to the catalogue between the producer, The Alchemist, and rapper, Freddie Gibbs, is another instant classic, fusing expert wordplay with expert instrumentalization, it is conscious, gritty, thoughtful, in one world masterful.

KehlaniIt Was Good Till It Wasn’t (Album) Not many albums reflect on goodbyes as beautifully as Kehlani’s, “It Was All Good Till It Wasn’t” This is a mature reflection on love, loss, and reclaiming those memories of all that was.

Yves TumorHeaven for a Tortured Mind (Album) The horns on this album ring out from the first note announcing a God. Yves Tumor is a breakout artist brings a complete album with all the emotion of the heaviest hitters of any genre.

Standing on the CornerRed Burns (Album) The New York Collective, Standing On The Corner” speak of the city with a combined voice that resonates through the black experience, the immigrant experience, the third world within the American Dream.

Frantz Fanon – The Wretched of the Earth (Book) A classic text on the power of nations as it has been wielded against blackness. Fanon’s language is accessible and poetic, providing insight that stands today as it did at the time of its publication.

Hap and Leonard – Netflix (Show) Funny, violent, poignant, this show pulls no punches in portraying the interwoven dramas of southern living.

Tongo Eisen-Martin – Heaven is All Goodbyes (Poetry) One of the most powerful voices I have ever heard. His second collection of poetry is a journey through systemic violence, hope, becoming, and how we can be from now until we say goodbye.

Charles Burnett - Killer of Sheep (Film) An absolute must watch film. Not available on any streaming platforms but available here.

Charles Eisenstein – Sacred Economics (Book) A little dated, this book presents a way forward to restructuring the global economy post capitalism.

On Being – (Podcast) Always thoughtful, this podcast covers many things spiritual and their intersections with society today.

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