Nasher Prize

The Nasher Sculpture Center was proud to announce Colombian artist Doris Salcedo as the inaugural recipient of the Nasher Prize, an award presented each year to a living artist who has made an extraordinary impact on our understanding of sculpture.  For the past three decades, Salcedo has created sculptures and installations that transform familiar, everyday objects – chairs, shoes, roses, bricks – into moving and powerful testimonies of loss and remembrance. Working in a variety of modes, from objects and large-scale installations to public interventions, she has fearlessly taken creative and political risks to challenge audiences with innovative, significant work. Salcedo’s commitment and her willingness to push artistic boundaries have already inspired a generation of artists, even as her work continues to grow and respond to many of the most salient issues facing humanity. 

“We created the Nasher Prize in order to recognize an artist whose work has enriched our vision of what sculpture can be,” said Nasher Sculpture Center Director Jeremy Strick. “Over the course of the past 30 years, through her use of meaningful, everyday materials, often in unexpected and socially-charged public spaces in her native Colombia and elsewhere around the world, Doris Salcedo has created a body of work that is both aesthetically striking and politically resonant. With this subtle and deeply evocative work, she has bravely challenged us to consider more fully the deep connections between place, history, and objects that carry the weight of collective memory, suggesting avenues of thinking that tie together object-making and potent social action. Our mission at the Nasher is to support the creation of new sculpture and to expand our understanding of what sculpture is, and Doris Salcedo continues to powerfully point the art form in ever-more provocative and insightful directions.” 

About Nasher Prize

In April 2015, the Nasher Sculpture Center announced the creation of the Nasher Prize, the most significant award in the world dedicated exclusively to contemporary sculpture. It is presented annually to a living artist that has had an extraordinary impact on the understanding of the art form. Each winner is chosen by a jury of renowned museum directors, curators, artists, and art historians who have an expertise in the field, and varying perspectives on the subject, and receives a $100,000 prize, conferred in April of each year. In addition, each winner receives an award object designed by the architect of the Nasher Sculpture Center, Renzo Piano.

The Nasher Sculpture Center is one of a few institutions worldwide dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and study of modern and contemporary sculpture. As such, the prize is an apt extension of the museum’s mission and its commitment to advancing developments in the field. By recognizing those artists who have had a significant impact on the understanding and development of sculpture, the Nasher Sculpture Center will further its role as a leading institution in enhancing and promoting this vital art form.

Attendant with the award aspect of the Nasher Prize is a series of public programs called Nasher Prize Dialogues. These panel discussions, lectures, and symposia are intended to foster international awareness of sculpture and of the Nasher Prize, and to stimulate discussion and debate. Nasher Prize Dialogues are held in cities around the world on a yearly basis, offering engagement with various audiences, and providing myriad perspectives and insight into the ever-expanding field of sculpture.

The inaugural winner of the Nasher Prize was Colombian artist, Doris Salcedo. The 2017 winner will be announced on September 26, 2016.

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