Current Exhibitions

9.10.16 - 1.8.17

Los Angeles-based artist Kathryn Andrews (American, born 1973) mines the American cultural landscape to investigate relationships between popular culture and power structures, in particular how images and brands are used to establish authority. Andrews's work, which combines found objects, historic images, and references to art movements such as Pop Art, minimalism, and finish fetish aims to show how meaning is contingent on context.

10.22.16 - 2.5.17

Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1977, Michael Dean lives and works in London. His work explores themes of language, the act of writing and the struggle to communicate in a variety of forms, including sculpture, photography, poetry, plays, publications and performance. 

11.8.16 - 2.12.17
In a career that spanned just over a decade, Cuban American artist Ana Mendieta (1948–1985) produced a remarkable body of work that included ephemeral outdoor performances and creations documented in photographs, 35mm slides and Super-8 films, as well as sculpture and drawing, before her untimely death at the age of 36. Rooted in nature and the body, Mendieta’s art fused both, and her legacy paved the way for artists of subsequent generations to create works involving identity politics, feminism, and performance.