Summer 2016

The Nasher Magazine

This edition of The Nasher magazine looks at the Nasher Sculpture Center’s exhibition, Joel Shapiro, the Plaster in the Collection installation, recent acquisitions, and more.

Joel Shapiro is one of the world’s leading contemporary sculptors, and his eponymous new show will be this summer’s featured exhibition. Shapiro’s universe leaves much to ponder, and his work will be explored in-depth in the newest edition of The Nasher magazine. Elsewhere in this issue: A permanent collection installation opens in July which focuses on a particularly essential medium. Simply titled Plaster in the Collection, the show highlights the rich history of a material still widely in use by artists today, and features two recent acquisitions. The print version of the Nasher’s quarterly publication will be sent to members as a benefit of membership.  Become a member today

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Nasher Sculpture Center
2001 Flora Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
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