Substitute Teaching Lessons

Find prepared lessons for elementary and secondary learners that connect with classroom curriculum.


Elementary Substitute Lesson: Exploring Imagination

Features artworks by Mark di Suvero and Claes Oldenburg with activities related to overcoming obstacles, thinking big, and being an inventor.

  • Students will learn about specific art works in the permanent collection at the Nasher Sculpture Center. They will make observations and connections with the artwork(s).  
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of art concepts while using their imagination and personal ideas and experiences as inspiration for original drawings.  

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Secondary Substitute Lesson: Repeating Geometric Shapes

Features artworks by Naum Gabo, Sol LeWitt and Joel Shapiro with activities focused on parabolas, creating three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional planes, following instructions to create conceptual art, and buiding compositions from geometric shapes.

  • Students will study sculptures from the Nasher Collection that are constructed of repeated geometric patterns. 
  • Students will design artwork by repeating a simple geometric shape. 
  • Choose between a teacher-directed lesson or student-paced independent lesson. 

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