Give a Membership

Inspire a year of Modern Cheer. Give the Gift of Membership!

A membership to the Nasher makes a perfect gift for a friend, loved one or honored colleague. Limited Time Holiday Offers available. Contact the membership department at 214.242.5151 or for more information. 

Please note, when you purchase a gift membership online, you will receive a confirmation notice.  If you would like the recipient of your gift to be notified by email, you may contact the membership department at  Please allow 2 weeks for membership card processing.

Gabo Circle ($50)* 
Giacometti Circle ($75)
Moore Circle ($125)
Hepworth Circle ($250)
Calder Circle ($500)

Please contact the membership department at or 214.242.5151 to join or renew at the Gabo Circle level. 

Member for a Day gift package ($25)

Introduce someone special to the Nasher Sculpture Center with two museum admission passes, a coupon for coffee in the Nasher Cafe, a one-time 10% discount at the Nasher Store and a one-time 10% discount at the Nasher Cafe – all packaged in a Nasher envelope with an additional gift Nasher notepad.

Plus, any recipient of this gift package may purchase a full 12-month membership with a $25 discount (valid for Giacometti Circle level and above memberships only).

To give a Member for a Day gift package, please call our Membership Department at 214.242.5151.

Unfortunately, we are unable to mail this gift package so you must pick it up at the Nasher.

    Please note:
  • If you would like to purchase a Gift Membership for someone, enter your information first under "Registration Information". The gift recipient name and address will be requested later.
  • Notification of Gift Memberships will be sent to the recipient upon your request to the Membership Department with the following note: “Congratulations! You have received a gift of Membership from (your name).”
  • Membership cards take 2 weeks to process.