Soundings: New Music at the Nasher

Breath & Hammer

May 11, 2019

With a mutual desire to push their instruments to the limits of possibility, South African-born pianist Kathleen Tagg and American clarinetist David Krakauer make up the duo Breath & Hammer. The two met in New York’s consistently fertile music scene, which also launched the career of John Zorn, a key composer in the body of work from which Breath & Hammer mines. 

Krakauer has also recorded for Zorn’s revered Tzadik record label, a torchbearer for modern klezmer music, in which the clarinetist is a key figure. Tagg’s approach to the piano is to “prepare” its inner workings in John Cage-like fashion, another musical influence that looms large in the world of Soundings. Breath & Hammer will round out the season with an unexpected approach that blurs lines between classical, jazz, and electronic music.

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