Soundings: New Music at the Nasher

Bach's Musical Offering with Interludes from Lei Liang

January 13, 2018
7:30 p.m.

Composer Lei Liang intersperses his composition Garden Eight with Bach's Musical Offering

Musical Offering, Johann Sebastian Bach’s miraculous monument of polyphony, is performed in its entirety and interspersed with Chinese-American composer Lei Liang’s Garden Eight, a musical interludes that pay tribute to the Ming Dynasty Yuen Yeh, the earliest and the most exquisite Chinese horticulture treatise. Liang’s connection with Bach is borne out of his fascination with the polyphony found within the single lines that Bach’s creates, at once experienced as melody and as part of underlying harmony. In Garden Eight he explores the possibility of introducing single notes as a polyphonic experience.