Films About Art with The Texas Theatre

Nasher Sculpture Center and Texas Theatre present Films About Art, a series of film screenings about making, collecting and presenting art. 

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Community Partner Spotlight with Barak Epstein and Jason Reimer of The Texas Theatre

Q: For the first iteration of the Nasher’s partnership with Texas Theatre, we are presenting Films About Art, films that focus on making and collecting art. What was the thinking behind the film selections?

A: We’ve learned over time when introducing a new series of films not to be too obscure up front. The first group of films was meant to be equal parts high art and a good dose of just entertaining films. None of these films are unreachable for someone who doesn’t follow the subjects in them and they’re all very fun to watch. All of the subjects fall in line with the multiple discipline interests of the Nasher as well. 

Q: What are the kinds of movies/themes you were hoping to highlight in the future that would work within this series?

A: I think it would be really cool to gather enough people on a regular basis to get below the surface of the topics. Gradually themes and subjects can intertwine that will leave the viewers with a more nuanced vision of the subject. It’s always been the most interesting thing to me about good art, you can keep digging and see things in a whole new light. Showing films in conjunction with exhibitions and special event presentations gives us a chance to have a more immersive understanding of whatever we’re interested in. That seems like an exciting possibility. 

Q: The Texas Theater has been instrumental in bringing some very rare films to Dallas, and exposing new audiences to them. What have been your biggest filmic triumphs so far?

A: We’re very proud of the community that has risen around the Theatre and supported us. There were many people who thought a single screen, 80 year old art house theater that doesn’t have table service and sofas is not going to last. If you add in the eclectic programming, it seems like the worst business plan ever. But people responded to what we were excited about and the community now feels an ownership of the space. That was always the intention and the fact that it’s working is pretty great. The more people support it, the weirder we can be. 

Q: What are some of your ‘wish list’ programs for the theater?

A: The beauty of being an independent business is there are very few things we can’t do. We’re very spoiled that most of our wish list items become a reality. I think for the film geek in all of us, when we programmed the new Star Wars this year I felt like anything after that was icing. 

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