A Space Program Film Screening

December 10, 2017
1 p.m.

In A Space Program, artist Tom Sachs takes us on an intricately handmade journey to the red planet, providing audiences with an intimate, first-person look into his studio and methods. The film is both a work of art in its own right and a recording of Sachs’s historic performance, Space Program 2.0: MARS, performed at New York’s Park Avenue Armory in 2012.

A Space Program

A Film by Tom Sachs and Van Neistat


72 minutes runtime

For Space Program 2.0: MARS, Tom and his team built an entire space program from scratch. They were guided by the philosophy of bricolage: creating and constructing from available yet limited resources. They ultimately sent two female astronauts to Mars in search of the answer to humankind’s ultimate question: Are we alone?

The film also contains the origins of Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony: The two astronauts turn to tea ceremony to resolve a conflict between them and establish civilization on the red planet.

Directed by Van Neistat.

FREE with Admission. 
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